Thursday, December 29, 2011

Phew, the end of years insight.

So as I posted in my last blog I have been making jewelery. I must have made almost everyone I know something by now, and did I take any photos-NO!

Don't worry I will not be making that mistake again and all I can say is I will only get better!

So we survived Christmas!!! Really it wasn't so hard, since both the kids are little. Matthew only cared about toys he already had and Emma, well she just slept thru the whole thing.

My father in law plays Santa and decided to come with my mother in law up from So Cal again this year and played Santa for all the kids at the daycare. All the kids were beyond excited to see Santa. It was alot of fun!

My sweet little girl!

My little boy-typical boy!
Of course the long weekend like a wurlwind of going places, cooking, cleaning, and opening gifts.

Something else I blogged about before was my exploit into cooking. I have stubbled onto the greatest "insperational" website and it's chalked full of awesome, tasty reciepes. SO, I have been making, creamy sour cream enchiladas, stuffed mushrooms, dipping sauces, and anything I can get my hands on! It's been alot of fun, and um... DELISH!

Hoping that the New Year brings nothing but great things for us and everyone!!!


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