Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And then there were four.....

Can't remember the last time I wrote. I have prob. got only mins since Matthew has just crawled up to the desk and is messing with the mouse and of course his diaper reeks. AWH, the story of my life.. what with two kids under the age of 1.

So I better get to it, introducing my daughter Emma Charlotte Brielle:

Born Sept 16th 2011

I can't believe how pretty she is, but she is a total diva, and a total opposite of her brother who was laid back and went with the flow. She is sooo little too. She swims in most of her newborn outfits, Matthew wore newborn for one week, maybe.

Speaking of Matthew, Here is an updated pic of our big boy!

We barely got this pic.. he is ALL over the place crawling and trying to walk. He is finally starting to show some interest in his sister but it's really only to mock her, yes mock her. When she cries, he "fake" cries at her. Oh, to fast forward 10 more years to the fights they will have. I hope they don't but I have to be realistic. HAHA..

Well, I had better go-Matthew smelly ass diapers awaits me. Yippee.