Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wow, things have been so insanely busy lately. Working, being pregnant and working :) and taking care of a very active 7 month old isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I guess nothing ever is though. So far, after a few bumps in the road this new pregnancy has turned out to be pretty typical for being pregnant with a girl. I am a firm believer that being pregnant with a girl and a boy is 100% different. I have never been more excited though. When I imagined myself pregnant for all these years I always thought I would have a girl first. I was really happy to have Matthew first-to give my husband a boy and he is definatly the light of our lives but now that we know we are having a girl I feel-complete. Like our family is complete.

Matthew is a typical 7 month old, I suppose. He is trying to crawl although he is only at the stage I like to call "humping the air" his primary source of movement is rolling every where. It's hysterical.

He is now in 9-12 month old clothes! I can't even believe it and he is a really good eater. He loves everything. We recently gave him air puff snacks and of course he loves those too.

I can't wait to meet my baby girl!! We have decided to call her Emma. The name just came to me and if feels right. We kicked around a few boy names but they all felt wrong so I pretty much KNEW I was having a girl.

When we went to the doctors office for our ultrasound I have never been more nervous.. not even when I was PG with Matthew. She measured every possible thing she could before asking us what WE thought it was a few times during the session my heart jumped into my throat thinking it was a boy but then when she paused the machine I KNEW!! Right there in black and white were little girl parts. I was over the moon. Paull... Paull was so nervous. It was pretty funny.

I can't wait to buy pink things and decorate her room. I am so excited for her and Matthew to be siblings and friends and for her to wrap us all around her little finger. So, heres to having a successful rest of my pregnancy!!! I can't wait!!!