Monday, October 13, 2014

Where have you been?

You Whelp.... once again I have failed miserably at keeping my blog entires coming at a regular basis. This last year has been basically......a world wind. Working (I was promoted) raising Irish twins and Mr. semi-Charmed started a new business just to name a few things.

The kiddos are growing like weeds.

My boy is almost 4 years old. He's into Hot wheels, TMNT, and anything his dad's into.

My baby girl just turned 3 years old. She's obsessed with Frozen and My little Ponies. 

They fight endlessly but they are also so close. Often joining forces to fight for each other ( usually against us) against punishments. They are 4. Days shy of 11 months apart. 

Gonna try and update more later. 


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Canning fresh Pears!

A few weeks ago I stopped by a friends house, well actually she's more like a mentor. She's one of those ladies that can "do everything" from growing vegetables to sewing a wedding dress, well she has been harvesting an abundance of fruit from the various fruit trees on her property. During the summer she taught me how to make jam, using plums from her Golden Drop plum tree and Red Italian Plum tree. (Instructions coming soon)

This weekend she had pears. At first I wasn't sure what kind of pear but was later able to identify them off a pin from Pinterest. They appear to be Bosc pears.

She says " Here, wants some pears?" A HUGE box of pears later she sends me on my way. Yikes. I've never canned pears!! Pickles-yea. Jam-thanks to her I feel like a pro but actual whole fruit...yikes! 

Always down to try new thing I decided to give it a try besides, my kids LOVE pears, so why not!   As per my style I can't just got to one place to find a canning recipe. 

Incidentally you CAN if you go to I did not get my recipe from here but opted to researched a few different places and decided to go for a light syrup without vanilla and or any other additions. 

Just good old fashion canned pears. 

Here is what you will need: 

Pint Jars - 8-9 cleaned with lids and rings (I prefer Ball jars) 

Pears - 25-30 firm pears (if they are too soft they will mush when you peel them)

Sugar - 2 cups (Light syrup) 
3 cups (Medium syrup) 

Water- 4 Cups 

Fruit Fresh Produce Protection (Ball Brand-directions on container)

Peal and dice pears add produce preserve ( according to directions on container) then start your syrup mixture. I prefer light syrup. (See above for quantities)
Boil sugar in water until sugar dissolves. Once sugar has dissolved simmer syrup and add your pears. Let pears soak in syrup for about 5 mins. 

Add pears with a slotted spoon to your jars' then using a ladle add your syrup. Leave about and inch of space between syrup and top of jar. 

Process in water bath for 20 mins. (Pints) 25mins. (Quarts). 

Once you try it canning can be very easy! It's definitely worth trying. Good luck and enjoy!